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Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

We are excited to be a part of the Great American Milk Drive with Feeding America through May 25th. Milk is one of the most-requested donation items, yet most food banks receive a limited supply.

Help us fill the milk gap today and your donation will be matched:




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I Had It Good

by  Dr. Jim Tresner
No, I had it GREAT when I was growing up. My family was all anyone could ask. My Father was–and my Mother is–highly gifted and thoughtful. They had a wonderful ability to make anyone feel instantly comfortable and at home.

Evenings followed a predictable pattern. My Father would come home from the […]

Brotherhood: Do We Really Mean It?

by  Dr. Jim Tresner
Sometimes the strangest things trigger memories. I was having my hair cut. I have to go to a beauty shop which also cuts men’s hair, because it’s about the only place in town where you can make an appointment and my schedule usually makes that necessary. Many men get their hair […]

A Word for the Victorians

by  Dr. Jim Tresner
While much Masonic ritual is older than the reign of the good Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901) the philosphy and world view of the Victorians had and continues to have a profound influence on Freemasonry. Because of that, and because Victorians have been the victims of an unfairly bad press, it […]

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What is a Mason?

by  Dr. Jim Tresner

What is a Mason? Simple answer: a man who belongs to the Fraternity of Freemasonry; the largest and oldest organization for men in the world, outside of religious organizations. But there is much more.

A Mason is a member of a Lodge, or local group of Freemasons. He may also belong to other Masonic organizations, […]

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