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A Message From The Grand Master

M:. W:. Ron Chambers

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Brethren and Friends,

In the Entered Apprentice degree we hear the words,

"No man should ever enter upon any great and important undertaking without first evoking the blessing of Deity."

I now humbly ask the Grand Architect for guidance during this next year that I may serve with the honor and respect due this Grand Lodge and the Masons of Oklahoma.

We are at the beginning of a new year in Oklahoma Masonry. The Grand Lodge Trustees and I look forward to serving the Masons of Oklahoma.

It's important to say that again-we look forward to serving you. The Grand line is here to assist you and we will be glad to participate in any event at your request provided we are given enough notice to get the event on our calendars. We know it is important to strengthen Oklahoma Masonry in every way we can. No one wants to be the last Mason to turn out the lights.

The program for this year is called Hand to Back. It stresses the importance of Fraternalism, or helping each other, of strengthening our fraternal ties, and of guarding the western gate.

In fact, the first element of the program is titled Guarding the Western Gate. It means proper investigation of men who petition for the Degrees of Freemasonry. We don't insist that a man be perfect, but we do insist that he be a good man. Some Lodges this year will be using background checks as part of the investigation process. It is a pilot program, and it will be interesting to see the results.

A second element of the program is call The Masonic Trail. It focuses on staying in contact with the candidate, through the Master Mason Degree and beyond. It does little good to the man and less good to the Fraternity if we ignore him after the Entered Apprentice Degree. We must do everything possible to make him feel welcome and at home.

Alas My Brother, is the third major element of the program. It deals with the Masonic memorial or funeral service. We have an obligation to increase the number of Brethren who are able and willing to perform the service. It is the last thing we can do for a Brother, and it is important to do it well.

I will also be giving emphasis to CHIP, the childhood identification program, and to FFA-the Future Farmers of America. They do great work in helping youth prepare for the challenges of life today.

I hope everyone will participate in these programs and, especially, that everyone will strive to increase the Fraternalism in our Lodges and reinforce Freemasonry as the powerful, transforming force for good it has always been.


Ron Chambers, Grand Master


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