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Jim Tresner

Jim Tresner

About Jim Tresner

Born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma, Jim Tresner holds Ph.D. in communications. He is a perpetual member of Garfield Lodge #501 in Enid, Oklahoma, Past Master and perpetual member of Albert Pike Lodge #162 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a member of the Oklahoma Lodge of Research, a member of Oklahoma College, Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederalis and Past Sovereign Master of Father Murrow Chapter, Allied Masonic Degrees, and is Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of the State of Oklahoma. He was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma, has served as the Grand Lodge Official Spokesman on matters of Freemasonry and Religion since 1993, and has served on numerous Grand Lodge Committees. He is the Publications Editor for the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma and the editor of the state Masonic magazine. He is an honorary Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas and was awarded the Grand Master’s Medal of Honor by the Grand Lodge of Kansas.

I Had It Good

by  Dr. Jim Tresner
No, I had it GREAT when I was growing up. My family was all anyone could ask. My Father was–and my Mother is–highly gifted and thoughtful. They had a wonderful ability to make anyone feel instantly comfortable and at home.

Evenings followed a predictable pattern. My Father would come home from the […]

Brotherhood: Do We Really Mean It?

by  Dr. Jim Tresner
Sometimes the strangest things trigger memories. I was having my hair cut. I have to go to a beauty shop which also cuts men’s hair, because it’s about the only place in town where you can make an appointment and my schedule usually makes that necessary. Many men get their hair […]

A Word for the Victorians

by  Dr. Jim Tresner
While much Masonic ritual is older than the reign of the good Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901) the philosphy and world view of the Victorians had and continues to have a profound influence on Freemasonry. Because of that, and because Victorians have been the victims of an unfairly bad press, it […]

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What is a Mason?

by  Dr. Jim Tresner

What is a Mason? Simple answer: a man who belongs to the Fraternity of Freemasonry; the largest and oldest organization for men in the world, outside of religious organizations. But there is much more.

A Mason is a member of a Lodge, or local group of Freemasons. He may also belong to other Masonic organizations, […]

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Recommended Reading

This list is designed to alert you to some good Masonic books on various topics.
There are literally tens of thousands of books about Masonry; some are excellent, some are a tragic waste of a tree. The books listed here are generally accepted by Masonic scholars to be reliable guides to Masonic knowledge. For the […]

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November 1907

In November 1907, things changed. Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory no longer exist as the State of Oklahoma was born. Since American Masonic tradition asserted that only one Grand Lodge could exist in any given political division, there was a problem with two Grand Lodges in the new state. In 1907 a committee was […]

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October 6, 1874

On October 6, 1874, representatives of 3 Lodges met and organized the Grand Lodge of Indian Territory.  They elected Granville McPherson the first Grand Master.  Most Worshipful McPherson was raised in Magnolia Lodge #60 in Little Rock Arkansas (a Lodge to which Albert Pike also belonged) and was the sitting Worshipful Master of Caddo Lodge, […]

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