GaryGMphotoMasonry is alive and well in Oklahoma! I see the excitement and interest as I visit lodges and district meetings around the State; as I
attend Job’s Daughters functions, Rainbow activities, DeMolay functions, and FFA shows. Oklahoma Masons are enjoying themselves in their lodge work and in the community. I see numerous examples of lodge work in facility improvement and community involvement.

Oklahoma Masons are very involved in Job’s Daughters, Rainbow, and DeMolay. Their meetings, banquets, dinners, competition, installations, draw large attendance at each event. Oklahoma Masons are not only working with our traditional youth orders, but we are also very involved with the FFA and 4H groups. We have a very active and dedicated committee of masons across Oklahoma working with these youth groups. This committee gives Oklahoma Masonry entry to the youth in communities across the state that do not have the other youth groups.

The three millionth eye screening was recently performed by Broken Arrow Lodge in one of their schools. Just imagine, three million eye screenings accomplished by Oklahoma Masons throughout the state!

There is a large increase in the number of children processed through the ChIPS Program. This committee is working with one lodge to get every child in their county through the program. Not just every child in a school, but every child in the COUNTY!

Oklahoma Masons have several successful programs available to enhance their enjoyment and commitment to their lodge, community, and youth. This variety of programs gives each of us a choice of ways of working with Oklahoma Masonry and giving back to masonry, the community, and our youth a portion of what we have received. Welcome to Oklahoma Masonry, 2015!

Gary Beisly, Grand Master