Itinerary for 2018 Annual Communication Wednesday & Thursday

Itinerary for 2018 Annual Communication Friday & Saturday

2018 Yellow Book – Grand Lodge of Oklahoma Committee Reports

2018 Blue Book – Contact the Grand Secretary for password

2018 Blue Book Changes

2018 Blue Book Supplement

2018 Award of Excellence

2017 C&C

2017 Code Changes

Maintenance Checklist  – this generic form can be used by your members to do a periodic inspection of the condition of your lodge and prepare an action item list for repairs.

“Guarding Our West Gate” Manual – Grand Lodge guidance for petition investigating committee.

Consolidation Guide  – this document provides a checklist of action items to be considered in the event a lodge decides to consolidate or surrender its charter.

Cornerstone Guide – This guide provides information on the Masonic ceremony of cornerstones and provides the form to schedule and order a cornerstone for your community.

College Outreach/University Relations Handbook– created for lodges who have colleges or universities in their towns/cities to assist in setting up programs.

About Time

Prince Hall Compact Power Point

History in Masonry of Oklahoma Book Order Form

Commemorative Brick Order Form

Guidelines for Internet and Web Usage