Dues Card Questionnaire

Lodge Secretary, please fill out the following form to select options for your 2021 Dues Card distribution.

All of your Dues cards will be printed for you regardless of your preferences for printing the notices (see below).

You will not receive any blank cards. We print dues cards for any added members as they are processed.

Please complete this form Not Later Than July 13, 2020

Make sure you answer all three questions correctly

    1. Date in December of your 2022 Annual Election:

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    2. Time of 2022 Annual Election?

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    3. What will your Annual Lodge Dues be on January 1, 2022?

    Including Per Capita of $25

    The above amount will be preprinted on the Statement of Dues/Notice of Annual Election form if you have opted for the Grand Lodge to print your statements (See Below).

    1. We will print our own Statements and Labels2. We will print our own Statements, but request the Grand Lodge print our labels3. Please print our statements and labels

    Please press “Submit” only once