About The Be An Oklahoma Freemason Website

Thank you for your interest in the Be An Oklahoma Freemason Website. This program was inspired by the Be A Freemason project.

Problem Statement

In 2016-2017, an extensive research project began with the goal of being one of the most thorough and comprehensive, data-driven examinations of the state of Freemasonry in more than 20 years. [Editor’s note: In addition, previous thorough research predated the advent of social media and widespread Internet.]

One of the key problems identified was: “When a man searches for information online, the results are often not Masonic, and not local to his area.”


To reinvigorate interest in The Craft with our potential applicants and our own membership, while providing relevant information for the Oklahoma Masonic candidate.


The Be An Oklahoma Freemason website.

How You Can Help

There are a number of ways that Freemasons can help in making this program a success.

  • As a lodge, be prepared to accept candidates via the Internet
    • If we are successful, this will include more information about the candidates intent, interests and personality. Use this information to connect to your candidate, not to evaluate them.
  • Promote the campaign
    • Share the beanoklahomafreemason.org web site with your candidates. Email/text them a link!
    • Talk about the program in lodge.