Rules for 2020 Grand Lodge Fundraiser

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Grand Lodge Trustees are ineligible to win the Prizes.
  3. The raffle tickets will sell for $20.00 each, of which 25% will be returned to the Lodge that has sold the tickets.
  4. The break down for the $20.00 ticket proceeds will be; the lodges participating will receive $5.00 for every ticket that their membership sells. If Lodge “X” sells 200 tickets, that lodge would receive $1000.00 from the Grand Lodge once the ticket stubs and full payment is received by the Fundraising Committee and accepted by the Grand Treasurer. (200 tickets sold X $5.00 = $1,000.00. Lodge “X” will receive $1,000.00). 
  5. The Grand Prize will be a pick-up style vehicle (brand to be determined at a later date) valued at the 60,000-65,000 MSRP range. The 2nd through 6th prize(s), will be five (5) $5,000.00 Gift Cards. These winners will be chosen by drawing and will be announced on Friday afternoon, November 13, 2020, during the open session of Grand Lodge. The winner of the Grand Prize and gift cards does not have to be present to win.
  6. The Grand Lodge is not responsible for any of the local, state, or federal taxes associated with the winning of any prizes. The winner of any prize will be responsible for the aforementioned taxes.  The Grand Lodge will adhere to all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to reporting documents and collection of money (TAXES) associated with this fundraiser.
  7. The Constituent Lodges of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Oklahoma will be divided into three (3) categories based on membership. Category one (1) = 1-50 members, category two (2) = 51-100 members, and category three (3) = 101 and above members.  The Lodges that sell the highest total number of tickets in each  category will receive $5,000.00 , the Lodges that sell the second highest total number of tickets in each category will  receive $2,500.00 , and Lodges that sells the third highest total number of tickets in each of the categories will receive $1,000.00. These lodges will be announced Saturday afternoon during the closed session of Grand Lodge. The Lodges identified that are eligible for these awards must have at least one of their elected officers (Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, or Junior Warden) present to receive the award. If at least one of these officers are not present at the Grand Lodge during the Annual Communication on Saturday November 14, 2020, the lodge that has sold the next highest total number of tickets in each category, will be eligible to receive the prize under the same conditions of being present at the Annual Communication.
  8. The Lodges will make arrangements to have the tickets stubs and money delivered to the Grand Lodge. The ticket stubs and money must be in balance and is the responsibility of the Worshipful Master of the lodge (100 tickets to turn in must have $2000.00 with it). The Fundraiser Committee will be responsible for accounting verification and balance of ticket stubs and money, as well as keeping the necessary records of ticket accountability and all other needed figures for the operation of the fundraiser. The money and stubs will then be given to the Grand Treasurer for his receipt and deposit. The committee would suggest that tickets and money be delivered to the Grand Lodge at least once every month to help keep bookkeeping to minimum. SUGGESTION: Each individual lodge many bank the said money in their personal lodge account and send one lodge check in with the ticket stubs. All the tickets that are sold before October the 31st must be turn in to the Grand Lodge by that date (Oct.31 2020). Checks should be made out to the Oklahoma Masonic Fundraiser. 
  9. The net proceeds the Grand Lodge receives from this fundraiser will be used to assist the Deputy Grand Master in preparing the future Grand Lodge budget, and to restore Grand Lodge investments to healthy levels.
  10. All prizes (gift cards and vehicle) will be awarded when all necessary paperwork has been satisfied according to the State and Federal laws.