Masonic Education

For your consideration: This list is not extensive.  Links to these education resources are provided to aid you in your Masonic Education Journey.  This list has been compiled by the Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee, and does not represent the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma’s endorsement of the resources listed.

The Masonic Education Committee of the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma, under the direction of the Most Worshipful John Francis Carter, Grand Master. The purpose of this initiative is to provide an ongoing source of Masonic Education information and opportunity for Oklahoma’s Freemasons. We hope you find this to be a valuable service to your local lodge’s education programs as well as your own personal growth in Freemasonry. If you have comments or suggestions for content, please contact Worshipful Brother Jason Smith at

2024 Middle Chamber Registration (First-time Attendee)
Speakers Bureau
Archived Masonic Education Presentations (AMEP)
Online Masonic Education Resources (Podcasts, Websites, and Social Media)
Recommended Reading
Correspondence Courses
Mentorship Program
Dr. James T. Tresner – In Memoriam
OK Masonic Education Committee Facebook Group