Who We Are

We Are


Accepting men from all walks of life who demonstrate upright conduct and acknowledge a belief in God, Oklahoma Freemasonry is a Fraternal order inculcating the precepts of  equality, charity, tolerance, fellowship, and brotherly love among it members.

We Offer


Lodges provide enlightenment through Masonic symbols, allegorical lessons, and education endeavoring to strengthen and improve the character of the individual man; enhancing his moral and spiritual outlook, so he may adapt a life exemplifying the principals of personal responsibility and righteous living.

We Act


Thus Masons strive to promote community and human welfare and inspire acts promoting benevolence, charity, and good will toward all mankind; translating Masonic principles and conviction into personal actions ultimately making the world in which they live a better place. 

Join us and become the better version of yourself

“Being a Mason doesn’t make you better than everyone else. It just makes you a better you”