October 6, 1874

On October 6, 1874, representatives of 3 Lodges met and organized the Grand Lodge of Indian Territory.  They elected Granville McPherson the first Grand Master.  Most Worshipful McPherson was raised in Magnolia Lodge #60 in Little Rock Arkansas (a Lodge to which Albert Pike also belonged) and was the sitting Worshipful Master of Caddo Lodge, and a printer by trade. He had a distinguished career in Little Rock, being elected to the Board of St. John’s College and serving as a Director. Again, his life crossed paths with Albert Pike, who was one of the main supporters of the college.

The Grand Lodge of Arkansas had established the college for the young men in the area, and both Pike and McPherson were actively involved with the Grand Lodge. McPherson was also one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Scottish Rite in Little Rock, and served as an officer.

With the opening of Oklahoma Territory to white settlers, many of the brethren felt it was time once again for a new Grand Lodge. At a communication of the Grand Lodge of Indian Territory, a petition was read from members of Guthrie Lodge #35, North Canadian Lodge #36, and Edmond Lodge #37 for the formation of the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma. In due order, a call went out, and on the 10th day of November, 1892, Grand Master Bennett called a meeting to order at North Canadian Lodge #36. In due time the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma was formed, and Most Worshipful A.J. Spengel was elected as the first Grand Master. His birth records have been lost, but he was possibly born in Colorado, as he took his Degrees in Gunnison #39. He was a charter member of Guthrie #35. He demitted to Denver #5 in 1899 and is buried in Denver, Colorado.