Oklahoma Ashlar Award

The Ashlar Award is a program to enhance the experience for the Prospect or newly initiated, passed, and raised Mason. The main goals of the program are to educate these men on the basic knowledge of Free Masonry, give them a template of the basic pathway to start their Masonic Journey, and last but not least by participating in this program, they develop a HABIT of doing the basic fundamental practices needed to ensure success in their lodge experience.  

A mentor should be assigned to the brothers upon their entrance into the lodge. This mentor is to assist and help the brothers to complete this program and assist them in all other areas and answer any question that may arise. The mentor’s goal should be to help these brothers increase their knowledge, improve themselves in Masonry, and at the end of day make them their replacement. 

This program consists of a mixture of educational booklets, required lodge attendance, ritual learning, with assisting in lodge programs and social events. The program is based on a point system in which the brother must amass a minimum number of points to qualify for the award. This award will consist of a vintage certificate and Perfect Ashlar Lapel pin gold in color to be presented at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication. The Mentor who has assisted the brother from start to finish of the program will also receive the Silver Ashlar Award.  This will be a Perfect Ashlar Lapel pin silver in color also to be award at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication. 

Lodge Secretaries should contact the Grand Lodge for interested EA/Mentors to purchase this program: Ashlar Candidate Education Program (Set of 4 – CEP, EA, FC & MM) – Item: M-260