Coming November 1 – A New Membership Database

With the new system, managed by Grand View Systems, our organizations can manage all of our membership records from an intuitive web based interface. Information is updated in real time and the software promotes distributed data entry and management by allowing Lodge Secretaries to interact directly with the database. There is no need to worry about data integrity as the software is engineered to retain historical information, so if a secretary or user makes an error that change is easily corrected or rolled back to the previous state. There is also a verification system where certain changes can be reviewed and approved through the Grand Lodge.

Here are some of the features we will be enjoying:

  • History of all contact information and addresses
  • Member Photos
    • Lodge secretaries or members themselves can upload profile photos into the system archive of the photos and dates they were uploaded are saved in the database for archival and genealogy reporting.
  • Member Events
    • Member events and history can be added real time. From initiation, passing, and raising, to awards and recognition, the historical events of a member are easily accessed and archived.
    • In addition to events, all offices, both and blue lodge and grand lodge, are stored and easily viewed. From a simple interface all of a members Masonic history is displayed and recorded.
  • Member Offices
    • Member events and history can be added real time. From initiation, passing, and raising, to awards and recognition, the historical events of a member are easily accessed and archived.
  • Member Communication Preferences
    • Each member, or their lodge secretary, has the ability to set custom parameters on how a member receives lodge and Grand Lodge notices and communications.
  • Online Member Education
    • Educational materials can be posted on the encrypted member portal and made available to members as they log into the system. Educational materials can be configured on a per degree basis where the member gains access to new degree appropriate materials as they progress on their journey to more light. With the conferral of each degree they will automatically gain access to the materials and receive email notification.
  • Online Dues Payment and donations
    • Members will be able to pay their dues online using the secure member portal, if the lodge has configured the appropriate payment method.
  • Member Dues & Donations Accounting
    • Members dues payments, donations, payments for fundraisers, etc., can be tracked. Receipts are sent via email, and are available for viewing within the portal, helping secretaries keep correct accounts for their lodge donations and dues.

Lodge management is a snap and many of the time consuming functions of a lodge secretary are automated for speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • Lodge Information
    • Lodge location and contact information are easily edited. This information feeds directly into the Lodge Locator functionality, and changes happen in real time. Lodges also will have to ability to have a limited website hosted by Grand View.
  • Lodge Officers
    • Lodge officers are easily added and changed with notifications going to the proper places. The information is easily searched and reports can be generated for district or jurisdiction directories.
  • Correspondence
    • Lodge Secretaries can add correspondence to the system and that correspondence is distributed to the proper destination whether it be to members, neighboring lodges, or the Grand Lodge.
  • Events
    • Events can be added into the system and notifications are scheduled in less than 5 minutes. This allows secretaries to set an event and forget about it. Email, text messages, and even voice notifications are automated so all members are made aware of the event and reminded accordingly.
  • Member Rosters
    • From the Lodge Interface, member rosters and statuses are easily and intuitively accessed and managed. From a single screen you can view all Master Masons, Fellow Craft Masons, and Entered Apprentice Masons as well as candidates who have petitioned your lodge. This at-a-glance layout greatly aids and assists the lodge secretary and ensures that members are not forgotten or overlooked.
  • Forms, Processes, and Educational Materials
    • Secretary specific documents are easily accessed through the portal and important information can be stored and readily accessible by lodge secretaries. This includes: processes, procedures, checklists, and more. Not only can the secretaries access documents provided by the Grand Body, they can also upload Bylaws to be accessed by the members and Grand bodies.
  • Financials
    • Grand View takes the frustration out of annual reporting and per capita dues remission. Simply put, the information that annual returns are calculated upon is right there in the database. All of the collateral information and backup can be easily accessed and reviewed. From the financials tab Lodge secretaries can view monies owed to the grand lodge and the grand lodge can record the receipt of payment.

And on top of everything else, There’s an App for that! The app will be available to all members.