Roland Morales

Raised to MM 07/31/2006.
Current WM of Lawton #183 and Grand Sword Bearer
Past Master of Mount Scott Lodge # 540.
25 Year Educator/Retired from Oklahoma National Guard
Bachelor of Arts-Louisiana State University-Shreveport
Master of Arts in Teaching-Cameron University
Master of Science/Educational Leadership-Cameron University
Married to Jennifer Morales-11 year Educator.

Would like to present on the process of climbing and reaching the summit of Mount Everest (time needed, acclimatizing to conditions, process of climbing then returning to base camp) and the role of the Sherpa in the climb. I will present on how this applies to Leadership and Service, the process of reaching our Masonic Summit. Could be tailored to open meetings for family events. Will also speak on becoming a Liberating Leader, one who provides High Challenge and High Support.